YPOD easily adapts to any shooting rail quickly.

The custom elevation allows the raising of the barrel well above the shooting rail that provides the hunter with a more comfortable shooting position.

No more hunching to get a good shot on that big buck!

shooting rail

All new units are shipped in camouflage.


Wide base provides a firm stand that allows free standing without added support

rail demo

The upside-down U-shaped base keeps the YPOD from slipping off the shooting rail.

A padded base ensures silence while re-adjusting throughout the hunt.



The adjustable height and comfortable hold is perfect for the shooting range.
Threading allow the raising and lowering of the top assembly to allow for custom height adjustment. Durable threads are engineered to last through extended wear for many years.
Top of the YPOD swivels left and right to adjust for comfortable shooting angle.

Padded V-shaped gun rest will keep noise down and will preserve the finish on the firearm.

Rubber strap can be used to fasten YPOD to the firearm

Light and easy to carry.
(Unit weight is only 8oz.)


YPOD is patent pending